Championing Change

Remarkable Change Leadership: Leading Change Effectively

23 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Leaders are in the change business – and unfortunately, in too many situations, change doesn’t go so well. There is more to successful change than simply managing it – successful change requires something more. In this Master Class, you will learn the keys to the change process, how we all make the decision to change, and how you can use those keys to help people make the choice to change more predictably and successfully. With this skillset, you will be a more effective and confident leader and be in demand for future leadership roles.

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Course Index

Introduction 1 Lesson

What It Means to be a Change Leader 4 Lessons

Why Change Leadership

Making a case for change leadership – and why it is a critical part of any leader’s responsibilities.

Master Class

Some Facts About Change

Before we can learn to lead change, we must understand these critical facts about change.

Master Class

More Than Facts

As it turns out, there is more to understanding change than just the facts.

Master Class

Managing, Leading, or Championing Change?

Learn the differences between these three words associated with change, and how to use that knowledge to be more successful in leading change.

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Leading Change 9 Lessons

How We Choose to Change

There is a formula that explains how we all make the choice to change. This formula is critical your success.

Understanding Dissatisfaction

How dissatisfaction impacts our choice to change.

Creating a Change Vision

What a change vision really is, and how to make it stronger for others.

Creating a Change Plan

People won’t choose to change until they know how to do it. Learn how to build that change plan.

Reducing the Perceived Risk to a Change

Learn specific approaches to help people become more comfortable with change so they see less risk.

Your Connection to Change

Some personal questions you must consider as you become a more effective change leader.

Five Key Skills of Change Leaders

Mastering these five skills will help you lead change more effectively.

Building a Foundation for Change

All change efforts start with a firm foundation. Here are the components of that foundation.

Leading Change at a Distance

Leading change with a remote or hybrid team – the differences you need to account for.

Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson