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Remarkable Productivity

12 Lessons Intermediate

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As a leader, the challenges of managing our time are even greater because we’re leading others, thereby helping them to manage their time! In this Master Class, we will focus on being more productive. Not just individually (though there will be plenty there), but how we prioritize the right work given our role as a leader, the multiple roles we play, and the subsequent priorities we must juggle.

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Master Class

Introduction 1 Lesson

Master Class

The Productivity Mindset 4 Lessons

The Tyranny of Busy

Learn how “busy” gets in the way of our productivity.

The Value of Five Minutes

How you use five minutes can have a big impact on how productive you truly are.

The Power of 80/20 for Productivity

What the 80/20 Law is – and how it impacts your productivity.

It’s Not Time Management

If it isn’t time management, what is it?

Master Class

The Four Productivity Pivots 6 Lessons

Pivoting our Productivity

Introducing the four Productivity Pivots.

The Focus Pivot

Learning ways to get and stay focused.

The Prioritization Pivot

Learning how to prioritize your work so you are getting the most important things done at any given time.

The Control Pivot

Learning how you can control your behavior to be more productive.

The Habit Pivot

Learning the connection between habits and productivity.

Remote Work Productivity

How to be more productive while working from home.

Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson