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Remarkable Mindset

12 Lessons Intermediate

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Your mindset is the collection of thoughts and beliefs that determine your attitude and define how you interpret the world. Your mindset creates your thoughts, and those thoughts drive your actions. If we don’t align our mindset with the skills we want to employ (or teach others), there is virtually no chance of applying a skill consistently (if you can even really learn it at all). In this Master Class, we delve into the leadership mindset – an often-unexplored area of leadership success. We will talk about the power of mindset as well as the mindset choices that every leader has, challenging you to explore whether the ones you have are the ones that will be serve you.

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Master Class

Introduction 1 Lesson

Introduction: What Is a Remarkable Mindset?

Learn what mindsets are and why we are focused on specific mindsets that can make the biggest positive impact on your future in all areas of your life.

Master Class

The Case for Mindset 3 Lessons

Before Skills Comes Mindset

While much focus for learning is on building skills, to maximize skill learning, the mindsets must match.

The Power of Mindsets

The fundamental reasons why mindsets matter so much – and why this masterclass is so important to your future.

Changing Your Mindset

Learn some specific approaches to help you change your mindsets.

Master Class

Five Mindsets That Matter 7 Lessons

Introducing the Mindset Choices

An introduction to the five most powerful mindsets and how they can make a difference for you.

Fixed or Growth

Exploring two mindsets, the choices, and implications of those choices.

Preventative or Proactive

Your level of proactivity starts with the mindset choices you make here.

Inward or Outward

How you define your success and how you define the world around you is the focus of this critical mindset choice.

Our Self-view

How you view yourself is critical and often misunderstood. In this lesson, you will learn how to see your self-view more clearly.


Accountability is more than an action, it starts with a mindset. How accountable are you?

Putting Them All Together

Here is how the five mindsets build on and interlock with each other.

Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson