Building Relationships

Nurturing Working Relationships

24 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Building and nurturing strong working relationships is one of the most important skills any professional can possess. After all, human beings are social beings, and business is conducted by those humans. The need to build relationships doesn’t go away when we become leaders, but the nature of, number of, and complexity of those relationships changes.

In this Master Class, you will learn the nuances of relationship building as a leader and how to do it more confidently and effectively across the entire range of people with whom you interact, collaborate, and transact business.

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Course Index

Introduction 1 Lesson

Leadership Relationships 3 Lessons

Why Relationships with You?

Understand the unique role of relationships with you in your leadership role.
Master Class

How Relationships Fit into Your Work

Learn how to prioritize nurturing relationships into your busy schedule and full task list.
Master Class

Who Do You Need to Nurture Relationships With?

Understand all of the people you need to build relationships with in order to be a Remarkable Leader.
Master Class

Clarifying the Need 4 Lessons

Building or Nurturing?

What does it mean to nurture relationships, and why is that word so important to your ultimate success?

Relationships or Friendships?

Can we be friends with people when we lead them? We’ll unpack this complex and potentially sticky distinction.

A Model for Nurturing Relationships

Learn the two most important factors needed to build any relationship.

Assessing Your Relationships

Learn how to use the framework to determine which relationships you might want to focus on nurturing.
Master Class

Strategies for Nurturing Relationships 4 Lessons

General Relationship Strategies

These strategies can help us build any relationship.

Specific Leadership Approaches

When we are a leader, the strategies we need to use with our teams are slightly different. Here is a big list of practical suggestions you can use.

Where to Start

These ideas will help you build relationships across multiple people – and create an expectation of the importance of relationships on your team.

The Long-Distance Difference

Tips for building your relationships with hybrid teams or with team members who work remotely.
Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson

Master Class

BONUS: More Thoughts on Nurturing Working Relationships 11 Lessons

Collecting Relationships

Have you ever thought about “collecting relationships?” Here is why you might want to consider it.

Transaction or Interaction

Are your conversations creating the chance to nurture relationships or not?

The Ice Cream Question

One question that can spur conversation and nurture relationships.

How “U-Pick” Your Relationships and Results

A relationship lesson learned from my mother.

Five Keys to Mending Relationships

When you need to build a relationship after a break – these tips will help.

Why Willie Nelson Holds the Key to Interpersonal Relationships

A key relationship lesson from a famous Willie Nelson song.

Seven Ways to Nurture Professional Relationships

The title tells you all you need to know.