Influencing Powerfully

27 Lessons Intermediate

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We all have influence – probably more than we realize. But most of us would like to be more successful in influencing others. We’d like our ideas considered and implemented, we’d like to be recognized for our efforts and outcomes. We’d like to be respected for our perspectives and intellect.

Whether we are leaders or not, we would all like to influence more powerfully. In this practical and inspirational Master Class, you will learn the mindsets required and gain the confidence and skills to be influential in a positive and exciting way. Regardless of your role and work, join us to speed your path towards influencing powerfully.
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Master Class

Introduction 1 Lesson

Master Class

What Influence Is 3 Lessons

A Definition of Influence

Starting with a definition will set us on the right track.

The Sam Baker Story

Learning from a powerful story to prove you have the ability to influence those around you.

Influence for Help or Harm?

Acknowledging the dark side of influence, and getting your mindset right to influence powerfully.
Master Class

Influencing Powerfully 6 Lessons

An Influence Model

Understanding two factors that impact our ability to influence.

The Strength Component

Seeing the impact of strength on influence.

The Warmth Component

Seeing the impact of warmth on influence.

Finding the Right Mix

Understanding what the combination of strength and warmth looks like – and how it helps us influence more powerfully.

Specific Sources of Your Influence

Applying some specifics of who you are to your ability to influence.

Specific Influence Strategies

Applying some practical ideas you can apply immediately.
Master Class

Leadership Influence 4 Lessons

Influence in Action

Understanding some leadership actions that create influence.

Influence in Words

Applying some strategies to be more influential in your communication.

Considering Strength and Warmth as a Leader

Understanding the strength/warmth interplay when you have positional power.

Influence at a Distance

Applying specific strategies for influencing on hybrid and remote teams.
Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson

Master Class

BONUS: More thoughts on Influence 12 Lessons

How Do You Feel About Influence?

A mindset check to help you clear the way to greater success as an influencer.

How Are You Influenced?

To influence others, we’ll start with how we are influenced.

Influence Isn’t Control

Just because you don’t have control, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything! Understanding the difference between control and influence will make all the difference in your success.

The Magic of Discovery

Influencing is most powerful when you help people come to your conclusion themselves.

Anticipation and Influence

You are more influential when you harness the power of anticipation.

Telling a Story that Influences Others

How to use stories to help you be more influential.

Seven Simple Ways to Subtly Influence Others

Simple is sometimes most powerful. Try these ideas.

How One Word Can Kill Your Ability to Influence Others

Do you know this word? Are you using it?

To Listen is to Influence

As you become a better listener, you become more influential.

Five Influence Lessons I learned From Elvis Presley

Valuable lessons from an unlikely source.

Focus on Influence

Forget about power and position, and here is why.

What Are You Attracting?

Applying the Law of Attraction to your efforts to influence.