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Helping Leaders Become Talent Magnets

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How can you as a leader improve your organization’s ability to retain and attract the talent you want and need? How can you reduce the cost and frustration of turnover?

In this practical Master Class, you will learn that there is much you can do! Join us to learn what actions you can take, skills you can develop, and processes you can support that will help you keep your best talent – and build your team both now and in the future.

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Course Index

Introduction 1 Lesson

Why a Talent Magnet?

Opening thoughts

The Big Picture 2 Lessons

The Costs of Turnover

Understanding the types of costs associated with turnover
Master Class

What’s Lost in Turnover

Recognizing the non-monetary costs of turnover
Master Class

Why People Stay or Leave 6 Lessons

People Want Effective Leaders

Recognizing the number one cause of talent turnover – leadership.

People Want Meaningful Work

Recognizing the role of meaningful work in talent retention

People Want the Right Culture

Recognizing the importance of culture in talent retention

People Want Flexibility

Recognizing the types of flexibility people are looking for

People Want to Be Compensated

Understanding all that compensation entails – not just the paycheck

What Else Do People Want?

Recognizing other factors that might impact talent retention
Master Class

How You Can Be a Talent Magnet 8 Lessons

Balance Outcomes and Others

Determining the balance of focus between the team and the work

Support Greater Engagement

Helping team members choose to be engaged in their work

Improve Culture

Creating a culture where people want to work

Practice Empathy

Applying practical ways to be a more empathetic leader

Lead Great 1:1 Meetings

Leading and facilitating great 1:1 meetings with your team members

Build Relationships

Growing strong working relationships with your team members

Be a Role Model

Recognizing how your everyday behavior can attract or repel your team

Keep Learning

Building a plan for continuous improvement
Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson

A Call to Action

Own Your Role as a Talent Magnet
Master Class

BONUS - More thoughts on Becoming a Talent Magnet 8 Lessons