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Giving Feedback Successfully

30 Lessons Intermediate

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Most would agree that giving feedback is a foundational skill for leaders. Actually though, it is a skill we all need, regardless of our relationship to others. When we can give feedback successfully, we can build trust and help others see a new perspective to help them improve. Done poorly, division, rancor, and distrust can grow.

Now is the time to learn how to give balanced, effective feedback that others can hear, accept, and apply.

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Course Index

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Introduction 1 Lesson

Why Feedback Matters

Opening thoughts
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The Goals of Feedback 3 Lessons

How We Perceive Feedback

Recognizing how most of us feel about the word – and why that matters.

What Makes Feedback Successful

Understanding the four requirements for feedback success.

The Focus of Feedback

Putting the focus in the right place – which isn’t where we often put it.
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Feedback Principles 4 Lessons

Sources of Feedback

Recognizing that who gives the feedback matters greatly.

Types of Feedback

Understanding the four types of feedback.

The Importance of Positive Feedback

Overcoming the misperceptions of the importance of positive feedback.

The Value of Balanced Feedback

Recognizing the ways to balance feedback.
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Keys to Effective Feedback 8 Lessons

Clear Feedback

Making feedback crystal clear and still heard.

Meaningful Feedback

Creating feedback that is meaningful to the receiver.

Specific Feedback

Making feedback specific and helpful.

Observation vs. Judgement

Making observations, not judgements, and understanding the difference.

Timely Feedback

Understanding what timely means and how to make it happen.

The Biggest Key to Feedback Success

Applying the most importance principle for getting your feedback used by others.

Feedback and Performance Conversations

Applying your new feedback skills in performance reviews and conversations.

Giving Feedback at a Distance

Giving feedback when you can’t or don’t see people face-to-face.
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Summary 1 Lesson

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BONUS - More thoughts on Giving Feedback Successfully 13 Lessons

It's Not About the Feedback

A bonus video on Mindset

Effective Feedback is…

A bonus video on Mindset

Consider the Source

A bonus video on Mindset

The Power of the Ratio

A bonus video on Mindset

Helping Others Apply Your Feedback

An extra video from Remarkable TV

Helping Your Feedback Be Accepted

An extra video from Remarkable TV

Getting Your Feedback Understood

An extra video from Remarkable TV

Without This, Feedback Can’t Help

An extra video from Remarkable TV