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Remarkable Delegation: Delegating Intentionally and Effectively

17 Lessons Intermediate

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In this Master Class, we are diving deep into delegation – the leader’s role in it and how to do it intentionally and effectively. We will explore the many common (and inaccurate) beliefs about what delegation is and why we should do it. We’ll review the barriers that can get in the way of delegation along with easy and effective solutions for overcoming them. We’ll share a checklist for what to do BEFORE delegating, tips for how to have a successful delegation conversation and how to do all of this from a distance.

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Introduction 1 Lesson

The Delegation Mindset 4 Lessons

Our Beliefs About Delegation

The truth about delegation and how your beliefs will make or break your success in delegating.

The Barriers to Delegation

Understanding the most common barriers that keep us from effective delegation.

Master Class

Who is Delegation For?

In order to be successful at delegating, we must first understand who the delegation is FOR.

Master Class

Are You Delegating or Dumping?

Do you understand the difference between delegating and dumping? It’s an important distinction that you must understand to be successful.

Master Class

Making Delegation Work 6 Lessons

Who Are You Delegating to?

Now that we know the importance of delegation and how it’s beneficial, we must determine who we are delegating to. Believe it or not, many leaders do not know the answer to this question.

Before You Delegate

We’re almost ready to delegate, but before you get started, you need this checklist to ensure your success.

Successful Delegation Conversations

These tips will ensure that your delegation conversations go smoothly and are successful for everyone involved. 

Following Up on Delegation

Delegation doesn’t stop once you’ve handed off the work.

Delegating at a Distance

Not all delegation will take place to team members who work down the hall or even in the same time zone.

Answering the Biggest Questions

This video is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received about delegation.

Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson

Master Class

BONUS: More Thoughts on Delegation 5 Lessons

What You Can Learn From Blind Golfers

An extra video from Remarkable TV

A Leadership Mistake

An extra video from Remarkable TV

Helping People Get Past Mistakes

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Progress or Perfection

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Remember the Fundamentals

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