Responsibility and Accountability

Creating a Culture of Accountability

21 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Accountability is a word thrown around (a lot), deemed important (it is), and yet seen as negative (by many). In this Master Class, you will gain a more complete and accurate understanding of what accountability is, how to lead in a positive and effective way using it, help others choose to be accountable, and ultimately help your teams create ongoing peer accountability. The insights and tactics you gain will help you lead more effectively and confidently and have greater accountability for the results you want for yourself too.

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Course Index

Introduction 1 Lesson

Accountability Basics 4 Lessons

What is Accountability Anyway?

It is hard to create a culture of accountability when we don’t all know what that word even means. Let’s start there.

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Accountability isn’t a Four-Letter Word

So many people view accountability as a negative and something that is done to them. Here’s how to get people past that perception.

Master Class

Why Culture?

Describing culture and how accountability and culture are connected.

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Accountability Starts with You

If you want others to be accountable, the first question is, are you modeling it?

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Accountability Principles 5 Lessons

The Choice We Always Make

There is a fundamental choice we make (often subconsciously) that determines our willingness to be accountable.

The Opposite of Accountability

What is the opposite of accountability? And how often are you making that choice?

Changing Our Choice

How to help yourself and others choose to be accountable.

Asking Accountable Questions

Know the right questions to ask yourself and others to create greater accountability.

Barriers to Accountability

Here are the barriers that can keep people from choosing accountability.

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Applying Accountability in the Real World 4 Lessons

Accountability and Coaching

The role of accountability in coaching.

Accountability in Meetings

Creating greater accountability in meetings – and getting more done.

Accountability in Remote/Hybrid Teams

Creating accountability on your hybrid teams.

Maintaining Your Accountability Culture

How to help your team remain accountable to each other.

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Summary 1 Lesson