Collaboration and Teamwork

Building Effective Hybrid Teams

22 Lessons Intermediate

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Everywhere you look, the picture is clear. The future of work will include hybrid teams. While there is much we have learned about building and leading teams, there are critical differences that must be accounted for and acted on when not all of your team is working in the same place every day.

In this Master Class, you will learn what those differences are and what you can do as a leader – and a teammate – to create better relationships, communication, trust, and results on your hybrid team.

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Course Index

Introduction 1 Lesson

Hybrid Team Basics 4 Lessons

What We Know About All Teams

The fundamentals of teams and how to build effective teams.

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Defining Hybrid and Remote Teams

What makes a hybrid or remote team.

Master Class

The Two Types of Hybrid Teams – and Why It Matters

Knowing what kind of team you have (and want) is a critical distinction in the development of your hybrid team.

Master Class

What Makes Building Hybrid Teams Different?

Before you can build and lead your hybrid team, you need to understand the critical differences you must address.

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A Framework for Building Your Hybrid Team 5 Lessons

An Overview of the Framework

Understanding the CARB Model of Team Development and how it applies to hybrid teams.


How to build commitment to the work and each other on your hybrid team.


Creating ongoing goal alignment – for individual and team goals – on your hybrid team.


Building relationships to create team cohesion and success.

Behaviors and Skills

Understanding the skills teammates need to be successful on a hybrid team.

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The Leader’s Role 5 Lessons

Setting Clear Hybrid Team Expectations

How to understand, set, and adjust the expectations for individual and your entire hybrid team.

Effective Hybrid Team Communication

Navigating the specific communication challenges present in a hybrid team.

Hybrid Meeting Basics

Five things to do to make your hybrid meetings get better results.

Removing the “Home Field Advantage”

When some people are in the office and some people aren’t, there will be new distinctions and subgroups that will form – unless you work to mitigate these potential problems.

Creating Your Desired Hybrid Team Culture

Beyond building your team, you want to create a hybrid team culture that succeeds for the long term. Here’s how to do that.

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Summary 1 Lesson

Master Class

BONUS - More thoughts on Building Effective Hybrid Teams 6 Lessons

Preparing for the Future of Flexible Work

If you are in the process of changing your working arrangements, including hybrid working arrangements in the mix, this short video will be helpful to you.

The Challenges of Leading a Hybrid Team

Kevin and his co-author and co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute talk about some of the challenges of leading a hybrid team in the real world.

How to Improve Hybrid Meetings

Some insights on hybrid meetings in this video with Wayne Turmel.

Reducing Tensions When Managing Virtual Hybrid Teams

In this blog post, Wayne gives you some idea about tension, home-field advantage, and the starts of conflicts on your hybrid teams.

Delegation on a Hybrid Team

This blog post helps you unpack how to delegate effectively (in the short and long term) when you are leading a hybrid team.

What Kind of Team Do You Have?

This blog post takes a different cut at the different kinds of teams (specifically different hybrid options) than what is shared in the course.