Developing Others

Building Confidence in Yourself and Others

23 Lessons Intermediate

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Confidence. We know that when we have it, we are less stressed, less frustrated, happier, and get better results. Yet it sometimes feels fleeting – one mistake can crash our confidence. In this Master Class, you will learn what confidence really is, why it is so important, and how to build it in predictable and systematic ways. You will learn the warning signs of becoming overconfident, and how to use your confidence to build a better future for yourself. You will also learn how to support and build the confidence of those around you – as a friend, parent, colleague, or leader.

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Course Index

Master Class

Introduction 1 Lesson

Why Confidence Matters

Opening thoughts
Master Class

The Fundamentals of Confidence 4 Lessons

What Confidence Is

A complete definition of confidence and why it matters to you

The Dark Side of Confidence

Knowing the difference between confidence and arrogance – and how to be confident without going to the dark side

The Confidence Competence Loop

How confidence and competence are interrelated and how knowing that can change your life and results

Mindsets That Drive Confidence

Your perspective influences your confidence – here is how
Master Class

Building Your Confidence in Yourself 5 Lessons

Assessing Your Confidence

Determining your current confidence level it matters

The Power of Personal Belief

What the Galatea Effect is and why it matters

What Are You Telling Yourself About Yourself?

How your self-talk influences your confidence

Building Your Confidence From the Start

How preparation and practice helps you build confidence

Overcoming Setbacks

How to learn from and move past mistakes and disappointments
Master Class

Building Confidence In Others 6 Lessons

Why Your Belief in Others Matters

What the Pygmalion Effect is and why it matters

Assessing the Confidence of Others

To build confidence in others, we must understand their current confidence level

Expectations as a Key to Confidence Building

Understanding why expectations play a big role in our confidence

Everyday Actions to Build Confidence

Any of these are a good place to start

Mistake Management and Maintaining Confidence

Helping people overcome setbacks and mistakes – without killing their confidence

Building Confidence at a Distance

Supporting confidence growth when not face to face
Master Class

Summary 1 Lesson

Master Class

BONUS - More thoughts on Building Confidence 6 Lessons

Confidence Assessment Form

Use this tool to rate your personal confidence and see which areas need improvement.

Build Confidence in Others By Showing Your Belief

Five Ways to Show Your Belief in Others

Six Secrets for Building your Confidence

Some specific ideas and an approach to help you (or perhaps someone you are coaching) systematically build your confidence level

What Confidence Can Do

The impact of confidence as well as a really simple equation that helps to illustrate for leaders how truly powerful confidence is to our success and that of those around us

Five Keys to Greater Confidence

Five keys to help you build greater confidence for greater success

Power and Proof of Confidence

Actual proof about the power of confidence.