Writing & Managing Email

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Email was supposed to make our lives easier. In a matter of minutes, you can fire off multiple messages to teammates across the globe; you can schedule and plan meetings and events; you can share files. It saves time, energy and even money.

So why do we hate it despite the ease and convenience it offers?

It causes misunderstandings. Abbreviations, misspellings, bad grammar, misuse or confusion of tone, humor or sarcasm…there are innumerous opportunities for emails to be misunderstood or misinterpreted by the recipient.

It’s impersonal. Rapid-fire e-mails lack the richness and quality of face-to-face communication. There are no facial expressions, body language or vocal cues and they can often fall flat, leaving the recipient to feel overlooked or unimportant.

It’s time consuming. Because it’s so easy, it’s often overused. A study by McKinsey Global Institute and International Data Corp. found that email is the second-most time-consuming activity for workers. With each ping, comes another distraction, resulting in major disruptions to work flow and diminished performance.

Email is the number one barrier to productivity and the biggest barrier to work-life balance. It’s time to take control. It’s time to manage your email, instead of letting your email manage you!

In this powerful program, we’ll address these specific challenges and provides step-by-step techniques and tactics you can immediately implement to radically improve the quality of your written communications and productivity.

Email is the one of the most powerful communication tools that we have as leaders. But it’s a double-edged sword. Learn simple strategies to control it, so that you aren’t overwhelmed and overrun by it.

Course Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will learn:

  • The importance of analyzing and improving emails you send
  • A simple format for writing email that is easy to read, easy to understand and gets action
  • How your tone, style, and grammar in communications lead to either sabotage or success
  • How to manage volume and quality of correspondence, inside (and outside) of your organization by declaring W.A.R. on email
  • Habits to immediately develop that will carry you to success


This program is delivered virtually using our Members-Only platform so you can log-in and access the materials whenever and wherever you want. It includes two, 30-minute videos, an assessment tool to help assess your current email productivity, copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable, packet of planning tools and reference material that can be used to apply lessons learned immediately back on the job.

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