A Remarkable Master Class

Remarkable Learning: Integrating Learning Into Your Daily Life

12 Lessons

1 Hour 16 Minutes


There is a reason we call our business a Leadership Learning Consulting company – it is because we believe these words belong together, and in fact, if you want to have effective leadership, can’t be separated.

In our view, you can’t be an effective leader unless you are willing to be a continual learner. The work is too complex and too important to assume we ever have it figured out completely. The best leaders know this and act accordingly.

Learning is a part of who we are as human beings – we have been doing it our entire lives. As adults, we need to figure out how to channel this natural ability into meaningful professional outcomes – and our organizations want that to happen too.

As a leader, the importance of learning is doubled. If you want to influence others to be learning at work, the best way is to be learning yourself.  Are you setting the example you want others to follow?

In this Master Class, we are going to help you become the learner you a capable of – and were born to be.  You will learn how to be more than a live-long learner, but continually learning how to be happier, and more successful with each passing day.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • What your definition of learning is
  • The right mindset to be a Continual Learner
  • Strategies for integrating learning into your life
  • What it means to be a continual learner
  • The power of questions as a continual learner
  • The whens, whats, and hows of reflection as a key to learning
  • And more! Check out the complete course description below.

Lessons in this Master Class:


Introduction: The Importance of Learning

Opening thoughts

The Learning Mindset

What Does Learning Mean to You?

Until you understand what this word means, you may not be able to get the results you want.

What is Your Experience as a Learner?

Let’s prove that you have been a remarkable learner, so you can be one again.

Are You Too Busy to Learn?

You’ll leave this module with the right answer to this question.

What Mindset is Required to be a Continual Learner?

Mindset matters – and you will understand what we mean after this lesson.

Strategies for Integrating Learning into Your Life

What Do Continual Learners Do?

What it means to be a continual learner.

Learning by Asking Questions

The power of questions as a learner – and what some of those questions are.

Learning Through Reflection

The whens, whats, and hows of reflection as a key to learning.

Learning by Being Alert and Observant

You can’t learn if you aren’t paying attention. Here’s how to do that better and with more intention.

Learning by Looking in New Places

New places you can look to learn more today.

Learning by Trying it Out

How can you learn if you don’t try? Here are strategies for learning from your tries.


Creating Your New Learning Habits

A Call to Action

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About the Facilitator

Kevin Eikenberry is a recognized world expert on leadership development and learning and is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group. Twice he has been named by Inc.com as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World and has been included in many other similar lists. He is the author, co-author or a contributing author to nearly 20 books, including Remarkable Leadership, From Bud to Boss – Secrets of the Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership, The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership and The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere. His blog is consistently ranked among the world’s best, most read and most shared on leadership.

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