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Overcoming Micromanagement

12 Lessons

1 Hour 


No one likes to be micromanaged, yet we have all experienced it. It is often the case that people want to talk about the micromanagement inflicted on them far more often than asking if they are inflicting it on others.

The paradox of micromanagement is that no one likes it, yet it continues to occur. It might be the most recognized issue with poor leadership, yet it persists in organizations and teams around the world.

There are many reasons why it happens, even if it is untended, and there are myths about it helping perpetuate it. And while people don’t like it, they tend to underestimate the problems it can cause.

Consistent micromanagement stifles the development of team members, reduces commitment and engagement, reduces trust levels, and can increase turnover. If you as a leader or if your organization are experiencing any of these, you might be well-served to look at the levels of micromanagement in your organization.

In this Master Class you will learn the causes of micromanagement and more importantly, the solutions to this problem - which is more than just a bad habit, but a highly ineffective approach to leading and managing.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • The definition of micromanagement, so you know how to recognize and avoid this
  • The most common causes of micromanagement
  • How to find a balance between help and direction
  • The mindset you need to overcome micromanagement
  • What you must do differently on remote teams
  • And more! Check out the complete course description below.

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Lessons in this Master Class:


Why Micromanagement is a Problem

Opening thoughts

Foundational Thinking About Micromanagement

A Definition of Micromanagement

A common definition is a good place to start

Situational Leadership

Our approach to leading depends on several factors

Direction, Not Micromanagement

Finding a balance between help and direction

Who Decides?

Who really decides if you are micromanaging?

Why We Must Stop

Micromanagement Stifles Development

When we micromanage, our team members can’t grow

Micromanagement Reduces Commitment

If you want your team members to own their work, you can’t micromanage

Micromanagement Erodes Trust

Want greater trust with others? Stop micromanaging them.

Micromanagement Puts Our Focus in the Wrong Place

As long as we are micromanaging, we are ignoring other (important) work on our plate.

Causes of Micromanagement


You micromanage because you feel pressure.


You micromanage because of habit.


You micromanage because the work is in your comfort zone.


You micromanage because you want it done right.

Solutions to Micromanagement

Think Investment

The mindset you need to overcome micromanagement.

Set Expectations

Clearer expectations can reduce your need to micromanage.

Share the Big Picture

When people know the context of the task, they will be more effective.

Let Go Of Your Solution

Is your way the only way?

Let Them Do It

Ultimately, you must choose to let go and them do it.

The Long-Distance Difference

What you must do differently if your team isn’t with you everyday.


Letting Go of Micromanagement

A Call to Action

BONUS - More Thoughts on Overcoming Micromanagement

Overcoming the Tendency to Micromanage

Few call themselves micromanagers, and even fewer want to do it; yet they often don’t realize when they are doing it.

Monitoring Success Without Micromanaging

Micromanaging is like a bad flu – no one wants it, no one tries to spread it, but we have all been infected with it.

How to Stop Micromanaging

If we want to stop micromanaging, we must first realize that we probably do it.

Why We Micromanage (Even if We Don’t Want to)

If it isn’t effective and we don’t like it done to us, why do we micromanage?

Resisting Micromanagement

If we want to be a more effective leader, we must fight the urge and habit, and begin resisting micromanagement.

The Big Truth About Micromanagement

Let me tell you the big truth about micromanagement that you might not know. You ready? Here it is.

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