How to Create and Manage Remote Teams

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Remote and virtual teams are a fact of life. Over 80% of teams and 90% of projects have at least some members not co-located with the rest of the group – and the truth is if you have one employee who works away from the rest of the team part of the time, you have a remote team.

And while managing and leading a remote team isn’t intrinsically more difficult than a co-located team, it is different. And we must acknowledge and address those differences if we’re going to be successful.

Yet many leaders struggle to get results they need with their virtual team.

  • They struggle to build solid relationships and trust.
  • They struggle to engage and motivate their team.
  • They struggle with the technology – which tool to use, how to use it appropriately and to its fullest ability.

In this powerful program, we will help leaders to better understand the challenges and possibilities of remote teams. Leaders will learn how to speed up adoption of technology, build trust and develop sold working relationships even when people can’t get together in person.

What good is saving money on time and travel if teams aren’t productive and have the kind of strong working relationships that get the work done? Learn core leadership skills for the way we really work today.

Course Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the challenges and possibilities of remote teams
  • Assess their current teams in the areas of task completion, working relationships and communication
  • Learn what builds trust in any team, and how to accomplish that in a remote environment
  • Discover tools and techniques for creating great working relationships using your company’s technology
  • Develop an action plan for strengthening relationships and trust in your remote team


This program is delivered virtually using our Members-Only platform so you can log-in access the materials whenever and wherever you want. It includes a 90-minute video, an assessment tool to help assess current team health, copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable, packet of planning tools they can use in the future.

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