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Management Isn’t Enough. 

To Get GREAT Results, You Must Lead.

The current workplace poses an ever-growing number of challenges: there’s more to be done with fewer people to get it all done; employees are changing jobs sooner and there’s more turnover; the pace is hectic and everyone is frazzled.

Just about every leader that we coach, train or speak with has too much to do and too little time to get it all done. Yet this is the real world that you must operate in, and as the leader, it’s still your job to deliver results despite it.

And while all of this is true, it doesn’t have to be your reality. To make the shift to even better results, you must do more than manage your team.

The From Manager to Remarkable Leader Workshop is based on a proven leadership model to help you lead beyond management and through others. Through our Three-O Leadership Model – Others, Outcomes, Ourselves – you will learn how to make a positive impact in the world by serving others first and foremost.

Chances are you have been in your management role for a long time, and while you certainly have learned a lot and do many things well, you also know, deep down you could be better. You experience uncertainty and frustration. You experience situations that you get through, but you are sure you could have handled them better.

If your only goal is to survive in your role, this workshop probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want to get better, you want to improve, you need to get better results, this workshop can help you.

We’ll focus on what it means to lead, not just manage. In Kevin’s vast experience working with people from front line leaders to the C-suite, he has seen that the mental and actual transition from thinking like a manager to thinking like a leader can be the biggest lever to improve job satisfaction (for everyone) and results.

In this workshop we will focus on some areas you would expect, like communication, coaching, and change management – but in each case we will go deeper and discuss things you might not have considered before – and in some cases share secrets that are different than what you might expect or have seen before.

But beyond these important skill areas we will explore trust and influence – and how those factors can also increase team effectiveness, organizational culture and innovation – and this is just tip of the big leadership iceberg we will expose and dissect for your success.

Everything that we learn together is built around timeless and proven leadership principles that you can take back and implement in your own organization to immediately impact your results and your success. You will get the opportunity to work in a group, exploring potential leadership situations and working to develop solutions for each. And at the end of the workshop, we’ll conclude with a purposeful session where you’ll create a personal, practical and do-able action plan that will put your new skills into action with practical first steps next steps.

Key Take-Aways From the Workshop

You will learn:

  • The Three O Model of Leadership and how it will significantly impact your success
  • Five habits of continual learners and why they matter to me as a leader
  • How to identify and apply the four key levers to organizational change
  • Powerful strategies to improve the adoption of organizational changes you are leading
  • Five leadership communication strategies that will help you to be a more effective communicator
  • How to use stories more effectively as a leadership communication tool
  • Four specific strategies to help you build relationships more successfully
  • The four components of trust that build more trusting relationships
  • How to exhibit effective coaching behaviors
  • The secret to delivering feedback successfully
  • The importance of personal values to your leadership success
  • Five ways to be more influential
  • How to stimulate more and better ideas personally and with your team
  • Five practical methods to support the creativity of others
  • The CARB model how you can use it to diagnose and improve team effectiveness
  • Tips for facilitating meetings more effectively
  • How to create greater productivity for yourself and your team
  • Decision making approaches which are situationally appropriate
  • How to create more accountability amongst their teams
  • Techniques for delegating more effectively
  • How to assist your team in creating jointly held goals.
  • How to create processes that support ongoing goal achievement
  • How to create processes that support ongoing goal achievement

Remember, leadership results come down to time and focus. When you take the time to develop yourself and focus on timeless principles that can be applied to any situation, you will get the results that you desire. This workshop is designed to help you as an experienced manager, whatever your level, to build the skills and deepen your understanding of these principles for greater results.

Each registration includes:

  • A conference workbook for note-taking and to help guide your learning
  • 2 live, group coaching sessions after the workshop and with Kevin help you continue to master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.
  • A free copy of Remarkable Leadership
  • 8 weeks of the Morning Minute – brief text messages delivered each workday morning, designed to remind, inspire and inform and keep you consciously moving towards your development goals.

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