Effective Remote Coaching and Feedback

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For any leader to be successful, we need feedback. And in order to coach and develop our team members successfully, we must be able to give feedback to them.

However, effectively communicating feedback isn’t always easy … especially when the message is complex, the receiver isn’t listening or it’s a potentially sensitive subject (aka: criticism).

And when you lead a virtual team, the challenges of giving feedback are heightened significantly. Not only are communication opportunities reduced and trust is harder to build, but in many cases, it is harder to observe the behaviors you are coaching on.

But just because you are not co-located does not meant you can let coaching or feedback go unheard.

In this training, you’ll learn techniques to help you get your message across effectively every time – no matter where your team is located. You’ll learn specific strategies to use in a virtual situation and how to create follow-up to ensure that coaching and feedback are a regular part of your process.

Whether people work in the next office or halfway around the world, they deserve effective feedback to progress in their productivity and results. This session will give participants the confidence and skills to do this successfully.

Course Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Recognize the sources of feedback and how they impact successful delivery of feedback
  • Determine ways to gather information and data in order to provide useful feedback
  • Apply ten key feedback strategies in a remote or virtual situation
  • Be able to effectively engage people in a coaching conversation over the phone or other technology
  • Use a simple coaching model effectively
  • Use remote tracking and follow-up processes
  • Set clear performance and results expectations


This program is delivered virtually using our Members-Only platform so you can log-in and access the materials whenever and wherever you want. It includes a 90-minute video, copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable, packet of planning tools and reference material that can be used to help you succeed in your coaching opportunities.

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